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Tnt 20pc Ka-Bluey Kids Lollies Showbag


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TNT / Ka-Bluey Showbag
Get your sugar rush on with the TNT Kabluey showbag!

Showbag Contains:
1 X 30G TNT Explosives Candy (10 Pack)
1 X 30G TNT Tongue Painters Candy (10 Pack)
1 X 150G TNT Chew Balls
1 X 75G TNT Straps
1 X 60Ml TNT Gob Licker
1 X 120G TNT Mega Sour Slime
4 X 10G TNT Sour Crackles
2 X 9G Ka-Bluey Blast Chew Bar
2 X 9G TNT Sour Cola Chew Bars
2 X 9G TNT Sour Strawberry Chew Bars
2 X 9G TNT Sour Raspberry Chew Bars
1 X Ka-Bluey Ice Pop
1 X TNT 40G Rainbow Chew Bar
1 X Inflatable Mallet




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