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Zappo 20pc Kids Showbag


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Zappo Showbag
The Zappo showbag contains a whole heap of amazing sugary goodness!

Showbag Contains:
1 X 27G Zappo Grape
1 X 27G Zappo Strawberry
1 X 27G Zappo Tutti Frutti
1 X 27G Zappo Pineapple
1 X 27G Zappo Cola
2 X 15G Zappo Sour Powder Grape Gum
1 X 15G Zappo Sour Powder Strawberry Gum
4 X 4G Zappo Drops
3 X 16G Zappo Millions
2 X 15G Zappo Sour Grumpy Dips
3 X 12G Zappo Sour Fizz Chew Bars




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