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Nescafe 2x 200g Deluxe Instant Black Coffee Jar Makes 100 Cups


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Delight customers with the familiar taste of home with NESCAFÉ Deluxe! NESCAFÉ Deluxe is brewed with 100% Robusta beans – transporting your guests to the local coffee shop experience with the smell of delicious coffee lingering in the air. With strong roasty and earthy tones, NESCAFÉ Deluxe makes it possible for your guests to enjoy that local coffee flavour, any time of the day!

NESCAFÉ Deluxe is easy to prepare! All that is needed is to mix NESCAFÉ Deluxe with hot water to have a steaming cup of coffee instantly that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you are serving a small group or hosting a celebration, NESCAFÉ® Deluxe ensures that your guests always get to enjoy a hot cup of coffee. Delight your customers’ senses with the roasted, earthy flavours from every warm cup prepared with NESCAFÉ Deluxe!

A great cup of coffee is a work of art and that dedication, practice and perseverance of creating the perfect cup of NESCAFÉ Deluxe is what makes over 94 billion cups of NESCAFÉ to be consumed annually – so, it’s no wonder then that it’s the world’s most trusted coffee! Ensure that you are able to provide your customers with a warm, lasting and lingering impression with NESCAFÉ Deluxe.

  • Key Ingredients: 100% Robusta beans
  • Application: Mix with hot water
  • Shelf Life: 24 Months
  • Certification: Halal
  • Makes up to 100 cups

Includes: 2x Nescafe 200g Deluxe Coffee




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