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Funimation 2pk DC Justice League & Wonder Woman Road Trip Board Game

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DC Comics Justice League Road Trip Board Game

DARKSIED descends from APOKALIPS and the world needs its heroes! As a member of the JLA you are here to protect Earth from evil. But an attack on the WATCHTOWER from the worldÍs most loathsome villains has left you cut off from the rest of the team. The danger is clear – the LORD OF APOKALIPS is calling for the destruction of the JLA. Rushing out in search of the villains, do you have what it takes to stop DARKSIED’S evil plot? Using the information that was available before the attack on the WATCHTOWER, you learn that the villains have strongholds in four cities: METROPOLIS, GOTHAM CITY, CENTRAL CITY, and COAST CITY. Determined, you set out to confront the likes of LEX LUTHOR, THE JOKER, SINESTRO, DEATHSTROKE, and more. Earth will fall if you fail. You are the only one who can save the world from DARKSIED’S evil plan, so get in costume and show them why you are part of the JLA! AN EPIC GAME OF FUN AND STRATEGY! Travel through the game board collecting information on DARSIED’S master plan. Carry out board actions, collect Hit Tokens, and acquire Toll Passes while you dish out hard justice in Henchmen Battles. Gain access to the criminal underworld that lead to Enemy Strongholds in your search of EarthÍs most loathsome villains. Return the villains to your Base Camp for information to help you foil DARSIED’S sinister plot. The first person to complete their Score Card by acquiring 4 unique Villain Tokens and return them to their Base Camp is the winner.

What’s in the box:
1 Game Board (as shown)
1 Rule Book
4 Unique Character Pieces
4 Unique Score Cards
16 Villain Tokens
45 Toll Passes
128 Hit Tokens
1 Fabric Pouch
50 Action Cards
50 x 50/50 Cards
6 Dice

Wonder Woman Road Trip Board game

In the dead of night, an attack was carried out on the soil of your homeland. the full extent of the damage is not yet known, but the amazonian archives have been ransacked and many sacred items are missing. whispers of an ancient prophecy begin to swirl, one that warns of an unrelenting evil. It is believed that the artefacts were stolen, and are to be used to release this terrible evil on the world of man. Sworn to protect the earth, you head out to reclaim these ancient relics and put an end to this threat.

What is the Box:
1 Game Board
1 Rule Book
4 Characters
4 Score Cards
16 Tokens
45 Toll Passes
128 Hit Tokens
1 Fabric Pouch
50 Action Cards
50 50/50 Cards
6 Dice

Players: 2-4

Game Type: Board Game

Recommended Age: 12 years+

1 x Wonder Woman Road Trip Game
1 x Justice League Road Trip Game




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