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Monopoly Board Game | Dragon Ball Super Universe Survival

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Goku and his friends resumed their old lives after Majin Buu was defeated and Earth was restored to peace.

However, a deadly challenge appeared in the form of Beerus, the mighty God of Death, who was on the lookout for a legendary warrior called the fearsome Super Saiyan God who had been mentioned in a prophecy.

Following a ferocious war, Beerus revealed that there are a total of 12 universes.

Zen is a state of mind. One of the two kings of the 12 universes, declared that 12 universes were “too many,” and thus the Tournament of Power was born.

The Great Priest established the rules for a fight between representatives from the eight universes with the lowest mortal levels, with the losing universes being destroyed.

Is it possible for Goku and his friends to survive? 

In this special Dragon Ball Super edition of MONOPOLY, you have the chance to own characters from the anime, including Goku, Piccolo, Gohan, Vegeta, Jiren, the Great Priest, Zen-Oh, universe gods and many more. Use the Gods and Warriors cards to your advantage and buy, sell and trade your way to success.

Will you be the strongest opponent yet?

Recommended Age Range: 8 years+




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