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Monopoly Board Game | Horses & Ponies

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Will this be a one horse race or will it need a photo finish in this special edition of Horses & Ponies Monopoly?

Immerse yourself in the lush green fields with these beautiful creatures as you trot around the game board collecting treasured horse breeds. Be the proud owner of the Dutch Warmblood – ranked number 1 by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses in jumping and dressage, or why not try to tame the Friesian, whose ancestors in the Early and High Middle Ages used their immense size to carry knights clad in shining armour?

Will you find fortune with the Carrots and Apples cards, or will you be footing the bill for the equine vet, vaccinating your four-legged friends, or paying the Farrier’s fees?

No foal play as you jockey for pole position in this edition of Horses & Ponies Monopoly.



1x Horses & Ponies Monopoly Game
1x Top Trumps Card




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