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Spin Master 5 Minute Connor Reid Dungeon Card Game


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Battle together or perish in the game of 5-Minute Dungeon.

You and your party of intrepid heroes are trapped in a series of five deadly dungeons.

To make your way out, you must battle dangerous monsters, overcome treacherous obstacles and defeat maniacal Dungeon Bosses – all within 5 minutes.

Begin by selecting one of ten heroes and the corresponding resource deck. As you flip over Dungeon cards, you’ll race to battle together against monsters, obstacles and dungeon bosses.

In this game there are no turns – all players slap their cards down as fast as they can.

It takes teamwork and quick thinking to battle what lurks in the dungeon. So gather your courage and wits and play the exciting game of 5-Minute Dungeon.

5-Minute Dungeon is the most fun you can have in 5 minutes. Play this chaotic, cooperative real-time card game and see if you can handle the excitement.

Tap into your battle instincts and use quick judgment to determine how to defeat monsters, obstacles and Dungeon bosses.

Download the free companion Timer App for iOS or Android.

  • Made for 2-5 players aged 8+

  • No batteries required

  • Play time: 5 minutes per dungeon


  • 200 play cards

  • 5 double sided hero mats

  • 7 boss mats

  • 55 door cards

  • 200 challenge cards

Recommended Age Range: 8 years+




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