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Tomy 2pc Pop Up Pirates Game


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Pop Up Pirate

Swashbucklers beware. If the pirate pops up, ye be out. Tomy Pop Up Pirate is loaded with fun.

Push the pirate into the barrel and take turns sliding your swords into the barrel slots

But beware – if the pirate pops up you’re out. This fun game will keep you guessing since the slot that will make the pirate pop changes every time you play.

Pop Up Pirate is a barrel of fun for 2-4 players and suitable for ages 4 years and up.

Pop Up Pirate features easy setup and is powered by you and a clever spring, so the fun starts whenever you’re ready.


  • 1x Barrel

  • 1x Pirate

  • 24x Colourful Swords

Pile Up Pirate

Let your kids enjoy playtime with the Tomy Pile Up Pirates Game.

  • AHOY MATEY: Everyone’s favourite, Pirate Pete, is back in a fun-filled game that tests your balancing skills

  • FUN STACKING ACTION: Take turns to stack the pirates and planks onto the wobbly deck, the last person to successfully place a piece before the pirates topple wins.

  • EASY SET UP WITH NO BATTERIES REQUIRED: With Pile Up Pirate the fun starts whenever you’re ready.

  • GREAT GAME FOR 1-4 PLAYERS: Play with friends or practice your balancing act on your own.

  • FAMILY FUN FOR AGES 5 AND UP: This fun game can be played by up to four at a time and doesn’t require complicated cards or rules, making it a great choice for family game night.

Recommended Age Range: 5 years+


  • 1x Ship

  • 16x Pirates

  • 8x Planks




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