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Hape 5pc Mini Band Set for 3y+

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5pc Hape Mini Band Set Kids/Children Wooden Musical Instruments Music Toy 3y+

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5pc Hape Mini Band Set

Start making your own music with this beginners instrument set! Learn to play the ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker yourself then bring your friends together and start a band. Start by exploring the sounds each of the instruments makes. Shake the rattle and tambourine, strum the ukulele, turn the rainmaker upside down and snap shut the clapper. Then use the instructions to learn the basics of playing each instrument. As you improve, bring your friends together to play in a band! Ages 3+

Five-piece set including a 17-inch ukulele, tambourine, clapper, rattle and rainmaker
Optimised for play by toddlers and younger children
Nylon strings are gentle on childrens hands
Ukulele can be precisely tuned and produces a high-quality sound
Great for introducing children to the joys of music
Lightweight and easy to transport
Made from wood and water-based paints
For ages 3+

Recommended Age Range: 3+
Dimensions: Ukalale: W 43cm Approx
Raindropper : H20cm Approx
Clapper: H4cm Approx
Rattle: H5cm Aprrox
Tambourine: W15cm Approx

1 x Ukalale 1 x Raindropper 1 x Clapper 1 x Rattle 1 x Tambourine




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